Turning data into knowledge

Selected News

Review: The Economist 1843 magazine

‘Tekja achieves the impressive feat of immersing viewers in data in the real world.’

Feature: BBC Click

A behind the scenes feature of our real-time visualisation ‘London Data Streams’

Interview: Evening Standard

‘The fuzzy new frontier where art and technology meet’

Interview: BBC Radio 4

‘Attention twitter users your data is being turned into art’

New Exhibition: Our Lives in Data

Big Data exhibition opens featuring our specially commissioned animation of Oyster card transactions. Runs until 2018.

What We Do

We are a data visualisation studio.
We turn reams of facts and figures into insightful data driven products.


Data Driven Web Applications

Get your hands on your data.
Upload, analyse and visualise data.
Our dynamic data dashboards allow you to select, query and drill-down into your data.

Interactive Maps

We craft custom maps for your website.
We are experts in open source mapping technology, geospatial analysis, satellite image processing and geographical data.

Infographics and Reports

Tell a story, reveal trends, gain insight.
We create data driven reports, using infographics, maps and illustrations, allowing organisations to review targeted information.

Our Process

Combining powerful code and bespoke design.

We craft each data driven project to suit each client's needs, we produce work in various forms of media, from web applications to prints and reports.

Data Collection

Get more data.

We work closely with clients to advise and develop strategies for collecting targeted information to enrich datasets and answer specific questions.

We are also experts in Open and geographical data, contact us to find out more.

Data Analysis and Processing

Locate, query, predict.

We work with data of any size, from simple spreadsheets to tables with millions of records.

We are experts in spatial and network analysis, as well as predictive analytics, including machine learning.

Data Visualisation


We work closely with our clients to visually harness the power of their data

We create beautiful tools that help organisations enhance decision making, better use resources and save money.

We work closely and agilely with our clients to enable them to get the most out of their data.

Email us to find out more.


Selected Projects


London Data Streams

Real-time data visualisation

Somerset House



Real-time data exhibition

For the Barbican Centre


Gaza Platform

Map Dashboard


Walthamstow Garden Party

Live Audience Evaluation

For the Barbican Centre


Smart Portrait of London

Interactive Exhibition

For Open City Documentary Festival


Oxford Movement Analysis

Publication: Wolfson Prize 2014


Fix Hackney

Data Dashboard


Light Night Canning Town

Audience Evaluation Report


The Startup Network

Mapping Startup Networks


Mount Pleasant

Community Mapping


HEAL Health Made Local

Data Dashboard Application


Census Mapper

Maps of the UK’


Atlas of Diaspora

Interactive Map Application


Bristol Temple Meads

Demographic Data Visualisation


[Un]Sustainable London

London House Price Map


Melting Pot Project

London Ethnicity Map

About Us

Tekja Data Visualisation Studio

Tekja is a young and dynamic data visualisation company based in Fish Island Labs, London.

We are dedicated to transforming data into knowledge. We work closely with our clients to turn reams of facts and figures into beautiful data visualisations and tools that reveal trends and patterns.


Amanda Taylor

Creative Director
Designer and creator

Jacopo Hirschstein

Technical Director
Innovator and experimenter


Our studio comprises of and collaborates with specialists in:

Data Visualisation
Data Science
Information Design
Machine Learning
Front-end Development
Back-end Development