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Interactive map dashboard


The Gaza Platform is an interactive map dashboard developed by Tekja in collaboration with researchers at Forensic Architecture that has allowed Amnesty International to collate and visualise disparate datasets, tying together information about individual events to find the patterns between them.

Powerful coordinated charts and maps


The platform contains powerful coordinated charts and interactive maps, enabling users to select, filter and 'drill-down' into the data. These functions empower users that don't have any knowledge of data science or programming and enables them to spot trends and patterns across the data, and most importantly, draw their own conclusions.

“Our aim is for [the Gaza Platform] to become an invaluable resource for human rights investigators.”

- Philip Luther, Director of Amnesty International's Middle East and North Africa Programme

Open Source


Leveraging the power of open source libraries such as d3.js, the Gaza Platform allows users to interrogate data within the browser, this means interactions are fast and seamless (no waiting around for slow calls to a database).

"The Gaza Platform exploits the power of new digital tools to shed light on complex events such as the latest war in Gaza. It enables users to move across scales, from the granular details of each incident to the big picture of the overall conflict, by revealing connections between scattered events"

- Francesco Sebregondi, Project Coordinator, Forensic Architecture

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