We are Tekja Data Visualisation | We turn data into knowledge

What We Do

We are Tekja data visualisation studio | We turn data into knowledge

We are an award-winning data design studio that transforms reams of facts and figures into insightful data driven products and experiences. We create:

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Our Process

We combine bespoke design with powerful code to create beautful and insightful data visualisations.

We work closely and agilely with our clients to design and develop applications and experiences that sing out to their intended audience. Our specialist in-house team provides:

Data Collection Strategy

Big (and small) Data Analysis and Processing

Full Stack Web-development

Information and Graphic Design

Interaction Design

Social Media and Communications Strategy

Recent press and news

Exhibition: Pulse

Pulse real-time exhibit launches at City Now City Future season at the Museum of London. Runs until Spring 2018.

Exhibition: Our Lives in Data

Big Data exhibition opens featuring our specially commissioned animation of Oyster card transactions. Runs until 2018.

Review: The Economist 1843 magazine

‘Tekja achieves the impressive feat of immersing viewers in data in the real world.’

Feature: BBC Click

A behind the scenes feature of our real-time visualisation ‘London Data Streams’

Interview: Evening Standard

‘The fuzzy new frontier where art and technology meet’

Interview: BBC Radio 4

‘Attention twitter users your data is being turned into art’


Selected Projects

About Us

We are Tekja data visualisation | We turn data into knowledge


We are Tekja, a dynamic data visualisation company based in London. We position ourselves between design and technology and approach each project with the ambition of developing data-driven experiences that are as insightful as they are innovative and engaging.

Since our launch 5 years ago we have had the privilege to provide interactive data visualisations, installations and data-driven web applications for some of the world’s most exciting and innovative organisations.

Selected Clients


What our clients say


The fantastic map that Tekja created for us was so well received that it was referenced in media coverage across Europe and the Middle East. It was an absolute pleasure working with Tekja, who provided expert recommendations to help our story come alive and were always incredibly responsive."


It’s been a pleasure to work with Tekja ... They have managed to combine a deep understanding of data with creative design to really help us bring our data to life. They have listened to us every step of the way to provide visualisations that are simple to understand and engaging to explore."

Our specialist team is led by our co-founders

Amanda Taylor

Creative Director

Jacopo Hirschstein

Technical Director