London Data Streams

Interactive real-time data visualisation exhibited as part of Big Bang Data at Somerset House


Press Reviews


"With 'London Data Streams', Tekja achieves the impressive feat of immersing viewers in data in the real world."

- The Economist Intelligent Life Magazine


"Attention Twitter users: your data is being turned into art"

- BBC Front Row


"Thoroughly engaging and completely immersive ... also makes you feel closer to [London's] inhabitants."

- Cajsa Carlson,


Real Time Data Visualisation


London Data Streams explores the pulse, frequency and richness of London's live data.
The piece follows three real-time information streams: Twitter, Instagram and Transport for London. The data is presented once in it's raw format, as a wall of data that pulses and updates dynamically, revealing the sheer volume of data produced by the city.
Mirroring this data wall the same three streams of data are visualised as a live map and interactive explorations that provide real-time analysis to investigate what London is
feeling, seeing and how it is moving at this very minute.

Reveal intimate narratives


The installation aims to highlight the power of real-time data to reveal rich and intimate narratives about the everyday experiences of Londoners.
It also aims to provoke a conversation about how much data we generate, and how much of this information is openly available to us.

Leverages Open Source technology


London Data Streams is powered by Websocket and REST APIs connecting to Twitter, Instagram and TFL live data feeds.
Visualised and brought to life using D3.js and leaflet.js.

Selected Press


Interview, BBC Radio 4 - Front Row
Feature, BBC News Channel - BBC Click (Available until December 2016)
Review, The Economist Intelligent Life Magazine
Review, Timeout London
Review, Creative Review

Thanks to:


The entire team at Somerset House for their support, encouragement and for warmly welcoming us onsite for development and testing.

Special thanks to Ana Tiquia, Creative Producer extraordinaire.