Immersive installations and experiences


Powerful immersive experiences


We create real-time, audience generated, interactive and immersive exhibits, installations and experiences.

Created for some of the world's leading arts and cultural institutions our art works have generated international press and acclaim, attracted new and diverse audiences and generated passionate debates.

"With 'London Data Streams', Tekja achieves the impressive feat of immersing viewers in data in the real world."

- The Economist Intelligent Life Magazine


"Attention Twitter users: your data is being turned into art"

- BBC Front Row


"Thoroughly engaging and completely immersive ... also makes you feel closer to [London's] inhabitants."

- Cajsa Carlson,


Engaging audiences


Our commissioned art pieces are developed to suit specific client narratives and aims, whether that be to create a beautiful high-tech backdrop, increase brand and product awareness, increase visitor dwell times, increase social media presence, or start a discussion and provoke a debate