Tekja is an award-winning data visualisationand analysis studio.

We transform data into knowledge.

Tekja is an award winning data visualisation studio based in London, founded in 2012 by Jacopo Hirschstein and Amanda Taylor.

We work with some of the world’s largest organisations, creating data driven web applications, installations, event experiences and media content.

Our work combines cutting edge data analysis and visualisation technologies with standout contemporary designs and concepts. The studio has had the privilege to work on many groundbreaking data-driven projects and that have achieved acclaim in the national and international press.

There are some spectacular exceptions. … With “London Data Streams”, Tekja achieves the impressive feat of immersing viewers in data in the real world.

The collective Tekja’s installation Awake (2019) is emblematic: blizzards of live social media messages relating to sleep and sleeplessness projected onto screens, punctuated with prolonged pauses of meditative digital mandalas

Our Process:powerful code and beautiful graphics

The studio ethos is based on the concept that meaningful data driven experiences are generated by an inseparable combination of powerful code and beautiful graphics, our in house team consists of data scientists, developers and designers who work closely together throughout the development process.

Our process involves the creation of rapid prototypes and data analyses to quickly identify key messaging and communication targets whilst validating the suitability of the data available in achieving these aims.

Where data is not available we are able to source data from our extensive network or provide consultancy on suitable data structures to allow our clients to source their own data.

Our Team

TEKJA are based in Somerset House, Westminster, London.
Our specialist team is led by Jacopo Hirschstein and Amanda Taylor.

Amanda Taylor and Jacopo Hirschstein, co-founders of Tekja Data Visualisation

Jacopo is an Italian architect and programmer. He specialises in data science including machine learning and geo-spatial analysis. Jacopo leads our technical team and is responsible for developing software architecture. He has led teams on internationally recognised pioneering projects with cutting-edge researchers and academic groups including: London School of Economics, The Royal College of Arts, Goldsmiths College London and the University of Pisa.

Amanda is a British designer and programmer. She specialises in information design. Amanda leads the design of all Tekja projects, carefully listening to client requirements and translating them into carefully considered information hierarchies, that make complex information accessible to all of its intended audiences. Amanda leads workshops, gives talks and interviews to a range of institutions and the press including the BBC Television and Radio, ITV News and Reuters.